Preparing for Emergencies: What Can You Do to Protect Your Pets?

Preparing for Emergencies: What Can You Do to Protect Your Pets?

When an emergency overtakes life, it’s important that our pets are taken care of. Are you certain that your friends or loved ones will be able to look after them if something happens?

No matter what your situation is, hope is never lost, thanks to Peggy Hoyt and MyPetWill.

Yes, there is a website that offers pet wills for you and your fur-babies.  This website,, is an organization comprised of leaders from several different industries including lawyers, business managers, technology leaders, and finance executives, as well as non-profits that pair with them. They protect everything from a lizard (by use of their newly developed stickers for terrariums) to horses. showers pets with legal protection, since in case of an emergency they have representation compared to, if not covered by, a human will. Usually, pets are overlooked and possibly even abandoned when there is no one to take care of them. MyPetWill looks to change this for a small, one-time fee that includes several other benefits for those who either find or take care of the pet:

Pet Will Benefits

  • Documents each pet’s needs, diets & medications (this means that when someone is watching your animal, they know precisely what needs to be done).
  • Helps your pets come home if they are lost (explained in bullet four).
  • Gives you control over the safety and care of those who are watching your animal.
  • Each pet gets an ID Tag customized for the pet that includes their name, owner’s name and number, as well as the online profile information for the pet).

If this detail concerns you, it’s not too late. You can take advantage of the guidance of a team, led by Peggy Hoyt, a founder of Hoyt & Bryan, LLC. Hoyt also is certified by the Florida Bar in Wills, Trusts, Estates, also in Elder Law. And with twenty years on the job, it is safe to say, you and your pet will be taken care of.

You may also find that comes in handy. This is one of Peggy Hoyt’s books explaining everything about why, how, and when you should create a will for your pet. The overview of the book is in the link, but feel free to check out more information about the book or purchase it for even further information.

Important dates to remember: National Pet Month is April & National Pet Day is on April 11. You can also learn the importance of National Pet ID Week starting April 16, 2017.

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