OXO Digital Organizing: February/March 2017 Highlights

OXO Digital Organizing: February/March 2017 Highlights

What’s the latest from OXO Digital Organizing for February and March? 

Client Corner – Rose Honors Her Parents’ Legacy

Rose, the oldest of 3 siblings, was the “designated child” – the one to handle Mom and Dad’s affairs while each battled poor health. When they passed away, she closed the accounts, settled the biography-memories-feb-march-2017funeral arrangement details, and of course, had to figure out how to disburse her parents’ belongings. As difficult as the process is, it inevitably comes down to the photos and memories. In the end, it’s the memories your want to keep & share, but no one knows what to do with the clutter of old boxes, albums, and mementos. Siblings who live far away often don’t have any idea the volume of information & “stuff” that has to be handled, yet want to make sure they get their share of the mementos.

When we began with Rose, her entire dining room was filled with banker boxes, stacks of albums, and an overwhelming feel that it wasn’t going to budge easily. After 3 hours working alongside Rose and learning the faces & names of her family, I scooped up the clutter and went to work. In the end, we were able to condense over 12 large boxes into 5 archival quality boxes and 4 custom USB drives for other family members. (See pictures)

In addition to helping Rose with this daunting task, the OXO team had the pleasure of getting to know her parents, John & Josephine. When exploring their lifetime of photos, it is amazing the stories that their pictures told. From photos of their engagement party and relishing Christmas w
ith their kids, to the very last photo taken of them together in the hospital before Josephine past, their love story was evident. There was no doubt that John was funny, energetic and a bit of a smart*** – in the way that keeps you laughing and always on your toes, of course.  Josephine was a witty, spunky soul that everyone loved. I can only imagine the smiles these photos will bring to friends & family that actually enjoyed the company of this wonderful couple.

BiographyNow – Product Feature for February/March 2017couple-love-story

BiographyNow is an OXO Digital Organizing product favorite and a great way to capture the history and story about someone you love. Visit the official website at https://biographynow.com/. You can also watch the official Video here. Purchase BiographyNow for your loved one and receive a discount! Use Promo code DIANA10 for 10 percent off!


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