Leave Your Kids the Memories – Not the Mess!

Leave Your Kids the Memories – Not the Mess!

How Parents Can Help Their Children and Families Organize Forever Memories Today

It’s a painful and emotional journey – organizing and downsizing an aging or departed parent’s home – or alternatively, consolidating family memories for your kids and grandkids before any adversity occurs. Unfortunately, it’s also a trying, troubling experience that almost no family will escape.

Hands down – the best gift that aging parents can give their children and grandchildren is the gift of organizing memories ahead – so they don’t have to downsize and decide what precious photos and documents to keep during an extremely vulnerable time.

Do you need to re-think the organization of your vital documents and photos (including that of your estate)? Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you wish you could find an actionable way to corral and preserve years of precious photos?
  • Have you been promising yourself you are going to organize your aging parents’ vital documents?
  • Is your estate in order – but your kids have no idea where to find it?
  • Would you like to avoid the physical, mental and emotional stress your years of accumulation will cost you children?
  • Do you dread the mess that you (or your adult children) may inherit, but don’t know how to prevent it?
  • Is your highest wish for your family to remember the best and forget the rest?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, you’re in the right place! Read on and let 2016 be the year you get your life in order!

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Downsizing the Family Home

Nationally-syndicated columnist Marni Jameson knows about the difficult process of downsizing precious family memories perhaps better than anyone. Her book Downsizing the Family Home – What to Save, and What to Let Go, is a fabulous guide for telling aging parents and their children what they should keep – and what they should let go. In her book, Jameson sensitively guides readers through the downsizing and organization process, from opening that first closet, to sorting through a lifetime’s worth of possessions, to selling the homestead itself. The book is a great way to help adult children and their aging parents develop a strategy and create a mindset to accomplish the task quickly, respectfully, rewardingly—and, in the best of situations, even memorably. Pick up the book for a great summer read and a wealth of ideas and strategies.

The Summer 2016 Leave Your Kids the Memories – Not the Mess Event

Get your questions answered by attending one of Central Florida’s most popular family downsizing and organizing events! Held on July 23, 2016 from 9:30 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. at the VillageWalk at Lake Nona in Orlando, the newest edition of this must-attend event provides insights from experts with a combined 26 years of physical, digital, and document organization. The July 23 Leave Your Kids the Memories, Not the Mess organizing event is a face-to-face way to get advice so you can prepare for the future and leave a legacy that your kids will enjoy forever. Do it for yourself, your parents, and future generations! The July Lake Nona event will cover:

  • The Sacred Art of De-Accumulation
  • Vital Documents: Making them available when your need them
  • Digitizing & Converting Photos & Old Media

Don’t miss this educational workshop that will show you how to make it happen.

Click here for complete information and to sign up for the event!

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