Four Ways Looking at Family Photos Improves Our Mental Health

Four Ways Looking at Family Photos Improves Our Mental Health

The Digital Organizing team at OXO breaks down why looking at family photos can improve our mental health.

Are you guilty of photo hoarding? Too often, we upload thousands of photos to our laptops and the cloud and seldom look at them again. What’s more, our digitized world has caused us to forget our family prints and physical albums, especially in times of stress, sadness, pain, or loneliness.

At OXO Digital Organizing, we hope to encourage you to change all that. It’s more than just fun and entertaining; looking at old family photos can quickly stimulate healing and improve our mood, and also allows us to practice mindfulness in the moment.

looking at family photos

Try it today! Below are four distinct benefits of thumbing through your old photos:

1. Stress

Are you overwhelmed at work, struggling to bring a dream to fruition, or just suffering from a case of the Mondays? There is so much in the world to bring us down. By picking up your high school yearbook or rifling through an old photo album, you’ll be able to take a moment away from the grind and put a smile on your face.


2. Illness

Suffering from an illness can affect one’s outlook on life. Those afflicted with a long-term condition can easily find themselves depressed.  If you’re house bound or on bed-rest, organizing and digitizing your photo collection may be a therapeutic project.

Pulling out a box of your mother’s old photos can also make you feel connected to your family. Meditating on the trials that your ancestors survived can give you the strength you need to continue putting one foot in front of the other.


3. Death

The death of someone dear to us is devastating; yet it’s not uncommon to see people laughing and exchanging stories at a wake. It is a healthy and important part of the grieving process to honor our loved ones by cherishing their memories.

The passing of someone you love may motivate you to organize your photos and give you a great sense of closure knowing that your family’s memories are preserved and safe for future generations.


4. Connecting with Kids

Preserving children’s photos and works of art builds a bridge to the past that you can visit again and again. Children love to look at long forgotten masterpieces and old pictures of themselves – and so do parents!

If you’ve hit a rough patch with your child and are having a hard time connecting, consider breaking out the baby album. Sharing pictures from when they were small and anecdotes about the shenanigans they got into can help ease the tension and remind them how much they are loved.


Remembering and Reminiscing for our Mental Health

There are many reasons to sit awhile with some old photos and reminisce about the past. It reminds us of better times, connects us to passed loved ones, and can renew our determination to reach a neglected goal.

Inspired to begin preserving your memories and family legacy? Browse our digital organizing services to learn how we can help you get started digitizing and organizing your photos.

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