Five Ways to Organize, Digitize, and Preserve Treasured Family Memories for Save Your Photos Month 2016

Five Ways to Organize, Digitize, and Preserve Treasured Family Memories for Save Your Photos Month 2016

Save Your Photos Month is nearly here – and OXO Digital Organizing wants to help you save your precious family memories! By participating in your own way in September’s Save Your Photos Month, you can take the necessary steps to get organized and make it easy to find your favorite family memories now –and for generations to come.

Why is Save Your Photos Month important? Sure, it may seem easier to pull grandma and grandpa’s photos out of the trusty, old shoebox, or stuff your child’s school portraits in an accordion folder headed for the attic, but OXO and Save Your Photos Month is about the bigger picture: preserving your most beloved family treasures forever.

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Even if you can only spare time to organize and digitize for a day or weekend in September (Save Your Photos Day is perfect), it’s easier than you think to find an activity that helps you celebrate the month-long occasion and check another important task off the list. Without further ado, here are five ways you can save your photos and preserve your family treasures:

  • Go Digital. Scanning is the easiest and most important way to save print photography. For the best do-it-yourself results, you can rent or invest in a quality, professional scanner. The results will be worth it – both as you complete your scanning project and down the road! We’re fans of the Kodak PS50, but there are a variety of scanners and options available for rent or purchase. Too busy or overwhelmed, but still want to get the scanning done? Hire a professional to take care of it. The Association of Personal Photo Organizers can recommend a local organizer. If you’re in Central Florida, OXO is a proud member of APPO serving locally.
  • Back up Your Digital Memories. This is the most important step in saving your photos. Today’s phones often back up images to various digital archives. The additional scanned print photos must be saved somewhere, too. Make organization easier by backing up to single file or location. Dynamic and cloud-based options are many. View a sample list here, and contact your favorite organizer to help determine which back up solution is right for you.
  • Organize Your Photos – So You Can Always Find Them: Whether you’re a photo organizing beginner or sage, and the EZ Photo Scan Metadata Guide can help you determine how to best organize your photos so you can find them now and in the future. While there’s no one-size-fits-all strategy, as every family is unique, and this list of options are a great place to start exploring. When in doubt, contact your local organizer.
  • Share Your Memories with Others. This is an easy and fun way to celebrate! There are so many ways to share photos nowadays. Depending on your chosen digital back up, you could automatically share folders with family and friends. Services like create fully customized photo websites with user-set sharing settings. is another private group photo sharing site. Instagram is an easy and fun way to socially share.
  • Create unique projects. Print annual photo books or design personalized unique gifts from pillows to jewelry. Turning family photos into a personal book, work of art, or home decor makes a wonderful gift. A variety of digital companies exist around printing family photos on special projects. Companies like Shutterfly come with a variety of quick and easy product options. Social Print Studio prints directly from Instagram in addition to mobile and desktop photos.

Don’t be left behind! Save Your Photos month starts September 1, with a special Save Your Photos Day on September 26. Comment below and tell us how you plan to Save Your Photos in September – and if you’re near Winter Park, FL, don’t forget to join us at our FREE Scanning Event. Click here for more information.

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  1. Meenakshi @ TruOrganizer November 29, 2016

    Gr8 post, Jess. There are people overwhelmed by the thousands of photographs they have across numerous devices. But the very thought of bringing all these scattered photos together in one place and organizing them may send shivers down the spine. This is when photo organizing tools like Tru ( comes to the rescue. It is aimed at helping people manage & organize their digital photos. Tru helps users gather photos from all devices (SD cards, Smartphones, tablet devices), de-dupe them and put them in a consistent YYYYMM format in a destination folder of their choice! Would love your feedback.

    • Jess Dawkins December 8, 2016

      I will check it out, thanks, Meenakshi! We’re working on a file naming blog as we speak, so we’ll be sure to take a look in prep for that and put it on social when it comes out! Happy Holidays to you!


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