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Why should I hire a Photo Manager?

If organizing and preserving your family photo collection is a priority then you need a plan to make it happen.  Here are some of the top reasons people choose to outsource their photo organizing project to a pro.

  • Lack of Technical Knowledge – An understanding of scanning equipment, computers, mobile phones, cloud services and photo specific software tools is an absolute must for anyone looking to organize their photos.
  • It’s Too Emotional – Compiling & creating a family photo archive can be an emotional experience that can benefit from a patience and sensitive partner that is not emotionally tied to each and every image.  A professional photo organizer can also navigate the decision points a client will need to make regarding software selection, where to start and handle the ups and downs of the process.
  • Lack of Time – If you are too busy or find yourself with a major life event that has brought this project to the top of your to-do list, then finding someone who can handle this project for you is the way to go.
  • Lack of Equipment, Software or Tools – Most collections are comprised of physical print photos, albums, scrapbooks, kids’ artwork, slides, VHS tapes and film. Each type of media requires different equipment, software and tools to digitize and organize them. Investing in the tools for a one-time project is simply not cost-effective.
  • Not a DIYer – Many people are interested in the end result, but not the process of getting there.
  • Quality is a Priority – Anyone can sort through a few hundred trip photos or gather last year’s favorite photos and throw together a quick photo book with an online template.  However, our clients want a complete family archive, legacy gifts, and ongoing maintenance of complex photo collections.

Can I trust you with my photos & vital documents?

Diana and the OXO team have been working with family photo collections and sensitive information for nearly 10 years.  Our team is nonjudgmental and will not disclose any information regarding a clients’ collection.  We also follow backup procedures and respect the safety of login data that maybe shared during the project to ensure the process is safe, secure and confidential.

How much will this cost?

That is tough to answer. It has taken a lifetime to create your memories and organizing and preserving those precious stories will not happen overnight. Our initial engagement can be only a few hundred dollars and is a great starting point for a DIYer or someone looking to prioritize their time and budget. On average, our clients spend a few thousand dollars to have us sort, digitize and organize the entirety of their family photo collection. There are many touchpoints in the process and we will always offer ways for a client to take on “homework” that can offset some cost. Because of the time, equipment, and technical knowledge required to address photos & memories our clients often comment on how happy they are with the final product and investment they have made.

How long will it take?

During our “Getting Started Session” Diana will lay eyes on your collection and determine how best to break your project into phases (or mini-projects) based on your goals, timeframe, and type of media. If you have a box of well-sorted photos, ready to scan, it may only take 2-3 weeks. However, if you have multiple phases or are looking to the OXO experts to handle everything, then it can take 12-16 weeks+. We do all we can to complete each phase in a timely fashion. However, “one and done” projects are not our goal. Many of our clients continue to engage our services to maintain their growing photo collection, move on to their extended family or create new photo gifts for loved ones.

Can OXO help me if I'm not in Orlando?

Yes, we can! OXO provides remote services, via Zoom and remote access. Thanks to the wonders of technology, we have organized clients as far away as Ireland;) When a human touch is needed, Diana can tap into a wide network of pros to connect you with an expert, in your area, that can handle a portion or the entity of the project.

What do you do with my physical photos once they have been scanned?

Prior to sorting your photos, we will determine your decluttering comfort level. During the sorting phase, duplicate, blurry, or photos that don’t make the “cut” are either trashed or separated into a “Not Scanned Box” based on the client’s wishes. As for the “To Be Scanned” photos, they are returned to the client and archival storage options are discussed. Old albums or frames are also returned, clearly marked, for the client to dispose of.

How do you deliver my digital files?

Scanned photos are usually returned on a 3.0 USB drive with a clearly marked hangtag. For larger projects, digitized files are returned on an External Hard Drive (paid for by the client) or via a preselected cloud-based service.

Who does the organizing & digitizing?

Diana is involved in all “Getting Started Sessions” and oversees every project. She handles onsite organizing and consultations. Once the project begins, she will assign an area expert based on your operating system (Mac or PC), your desired photo management software, and the type of media that needs to be digitized. You will be apprised of all team members or partners that will work on your collection at all times.

How do I get started?

Fill out the contact info above and let us know your availability for a free 15-20 minute intro call with Diana. From there, we will schedule your “Getting Started Session” and begin to bring some digital order to your photos and documents 😉

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