Backup, Backup, Backup – Digital Organizing Priority #1

Everyone knows they “should” backup the files on their computer, but so many people simply don’t.  Don’t wait until that hard drive finally crashes or your morning cup of joe accidentally spills over the keyboard.  Check out episode 2 of “Going Digital” – Having a Digital Backup Plan.

Setting up your “Digital Insurance Plan” should be the first thing you do when organizing your digital life.  Be sure to have an on-site backup to an external hard drive AND an off-site backup to another hard drive and/or a cloud service.  CrashPlan is my service of choice.  However, you can do your research and pick from one the many options available.  Here is a great Lifehacker article on how to backup your stuff and their top online and offline backup solutions.  Is your backup workflow rock solid?  Share how you protect your important files and precious photos.

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