If you’ve landed on this page, chances are you are wanting to curtail – cue the 1930s daunting mystery theme music – the chaos of managing all your photos!

In today’s world photos are everywhere! And it’s not just our photos that are on old hard drives, stashed in beat-up shoeboxes and hidden in random school photo albums, it’s even our parent’s photos that are disorganized and haven’t seen the light of day in decades!

You know it’s time to get a handle on this spinning-out-of-control photo disorganization when you’re:

  • Overwhelmed with trying to find and gather all your photos into one spot.
  • Downsizing and have shelves full of old albums & scrapbooks that won’t fit in your new home.
  • Frustrated with trying to understand all the “photo-organizing” technology.
  • Embarrassed with the disorganized mess (of family history you should be passing on to your kids & grandkids)
  • Over trying to keep up and organize all your digital photos – so you’ve given up – and have relinquished control to the digital abyss of unreachable photos. (Ugh!)

You are not alone.

Many of our clients felt EXACTLY the same way until they discovered OXO – digitizing your memories and creating a convenient system so you and your loved ones can easily find, preserve and share all your photos.

The best part?…

Every family is different, therefore our photo-organizing team creates packages that are tailored for YOU! Whether you want a simple solution that can easily be handed over for you to manage or you have a trunk-full of inherited boxes of photos that you need someone else to organize and digitize, we’ll make it happen.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started (and check it off the list)! Check out our photo-organizing packages HERE!

About the Founder


Diana Uricchio, Founder & CEO
Certified Pro with The Photo Managers, Former Advisory Board & Masterclass Member with The Association of Personal Photo Organizers & Seen on TLC’s Hoarders

Have you ever had a moment that you immediately knew would be locked in your mind’s eye forever? For me I have had a few of those very poignant memories. I remember when my dad walked me down the aisle…only months before he passed. When I later became a mother, I joyfully remember watching my newborn twins grab for each other for the first time.

Memories… it’s what creates our story. And our photos are the physical avenue that allows us to preserve and share those memories when the “fuzziness” creeps in.

I have tons of photos of my childhood, as well as, what seems, a football field full of photos of my twins. With the growth of these photos and the myriad of places they were stored, I quickly realized that if I didn’t have a system in place to preserve, find and share these photos, I would quickly lose control.

Plus, with technology constantly evolving – from photo-organizing cloud services to backup devices and apps – I found it daunting to navigate the solutions and keep up with the ever-changing ways we tell our story.

This is why I created OXO. It is my passion to combine the memories of our parents with the technology of our future generations. This passion for preserving photos has grown into helping clients create just the right mix of physical order and digital bliss that will ensure that their family memories will live on forever.

Consider me your digital coach! It is my job and my passion to make sure you use the right technology to digitize, backup and organize the memories you love for the people you love…because nothing should get in the way of leaving a legacy.

P.S. Why the name “OXO”?

It’s our spin on XOXO (hugs and kisses) and everything we do is about organizing the stuff you love. So what are you waiting for?! Let’s “OXO” those photos today!


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