A Father’s Legacy: Sharing Dad’s Story Today and Tomorrow

A Father’s Legacy: Sharing Dad’s Story Today and Tomorrow

Women are natural communicators. Blessed with the “gift of gab,” we have no problem telling friends and family about our day and expressing our feelings. We also find it quite easy – and natural – to show our parents, siblings, and children how much we love them. As the book by John Gray, PhD says, “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” – and in terms of sharing and communication, the phrase couldn’t be more true!

With this in mind, how can we encourage our fathers, grandfathers, husbands, and brothers to communicate their story, their father’s legacy – in order to honor dad’s life and accomplishments both now and for generations to come? While some men may not realize how important their legacy or memory is to their families, they’re quite comfortable talking about accomplishments. Try to get them to chat about how they “felt” about a loving memory or sentimental time in their life, and they’ll likely stare at you like a deer in the headlights. Ask them about what made them feel most strong and accomplished, though, and now you’re working with something.

Let’s encourage dad to celebrate and share his legacy this Father’s Day. Here are five ways you can celebrate your father and help him communicate his legacy for generations to come:

1. Showcase His Original Writing

Brainstorm text materials and other documents that speak to dad’s life and accomplishments. Does your father write a nature journal while hunting and fishing? Perhaps he scribes daily notes about his work, or had research papers published in a journal. These are just as easy to display as photos are! More to come on how to show them off in this post. You can also purchase a book like A Father’s Legacy in bookstores or on Amazon to encourage dad to write about his life in his own words.

2. Display His Favorite Photos

Whether they’re digitized already, or still in polaroid form in a box in the attic, there’s no doubt that dads will enjoy seeing their military, high school, college, or professional photos on display. My dad loves to look at old photos and newspaper clippings of his time playing all-country and all-state soccer – and photos and documents like these would make a great gift.

Celebrate Dad

3. Pick Up His Favorite Films/Movies

Is your dad an avid Star Wars fan? Perhaps he can’t get enough Clint Eastwood (acting or directing), or he always watches the Godfather on TV, but really needs the uncut Blu-ray version. Picking up Dad’s favorite movies and films for Father’s Day is an inexpensive, yet effective way to remind dad of his proudest and happiest days – and the simple things he enjoys in life.

4. Brainstorm Photo Organization and Digital Photo Project Ideas

This is where the creativity comes in. There are so many ways that you can showcase your father’s documents and photos and create a fun, lasting gift for Father’s Day. Remember our photo gift ideas for mom? From hardcover books to digital photo canvas wraps and metal keepsakes, there’s an effective and engaging way to show off dad’s legacy, no matter what his style may be.

If your dad is organized like us, and understands the importance of carefully preserving memories, you can organize his photos, or digitize them, so he can have them at his disposal – and his kids’ and grandkids’ disposal – for generations.  Our blog on organizing photos and vital info for your loved ones is a great place to start.

5. Try a Memory-Based Gift Card

To inspire dad to showcase his legacy, savvy organization and photo-inspired gift cards are a fun and easy Father’s Day gift idea. We offer photo organizing project gift cards here at OXO, or you can get dad a gift card for collaborating on his own photo or document project with you on sites like Shutterfly and Adorama.

Do you have Father’s Day gift idea you’d like to share with the OXO community? Comment below, and please share with us on Facebook and Twitter throughout the month of June!

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