6 Unexpected Benefits of Organizing and Digitizing Your Photos

6 Unexpected Benefits of Organizing and Digitizing Your Photos

Some of the benefits of organizing and digitizing your photos are obvious, like that overstuffed closet of shoeboxes that desperately needs a makeover. What you may not know, however, is there are several additional advantages to scanning and backing up your family photos that make a bigger impact on your life than merely ridding yourself of clutter.

What seems like a mundane or routine task can often turn into a life-changing experience. Read below to explore six unexpected benefits of preserving your memories:

1) Perspective

Sifting through your life in pictures allows you to unlock and re-evaluate where you are and where you’ve been. It can be therapeutic to go revisit moments in your life that you haven’t thought about in years; a childhood Christmas, the wedding of a close friend, the birth of a child. There’s something special about having a memory in front of you, perfectly captured, and most of all, eternally safe, as you reflect on how much you and your loved ones have matured in the years since.

2) New Appreciation for Your Parents

Looking at your parents in those old 70s photos allows you to see them in a different light. After having a family of your own, it becomes more fun to reflect on the memories of your younger years. Only a parent realizes how much is sacrificed in the day in and day out of raising a family. The older we get, the more we respect and empathize with how our parents struggled.

retro photos

Mom was Pretty Cool, Wasn’t She? Photo Organizing and Digitizing allows us to remember, cherish, and value our memories — and our families.

3) A Rekindled Connection with Relatives and Friends

Uncovering pictures of cousins and family friends is a great inspiration to reconnect with people who were once a part of your life. Even if you’ve lost touch, having a pile of photos to talk about can quickly bridge the gap of time. Too, you’re likely to find that they have pictures you’ve never seen before. Hearing a story from someone else’s point of view can remind you of details you forgot – an instant mood-booster.

4) Relief

At the end of photo organizing project, so many clients breathe a sigh of relief. They are absolutely relieved to know that, if anything happened to them, they have done their job to tell their story and leave a legacy for their family. This is probably the number one reason that inspires people to finally take the first steps to begin preserving their memories. Too many of us have had to sort through a relative’s pictures and keepsakes who never got around to organizing them before they were gone.

5) Closure

Often times, a photo organizing project is a necessary undertaking after a divorce. People will stash away old memories, simply because they can’t deal with them. By ridding yourself of photos (and even documents) that were part of that difficult process, clients find they gain mental clarity and closure. Reviewing a lifetime of early memories and family life can also bring some perspective to a marriage that may have ended painfully. Seeing the good times and the children that resulted from your marriage can be a reminder of why this person was a part of your life.

christmas photo gift

Organizing and Digitizing makes a great foundation for holiday gifts.

6)Gift Ideas

Reviewing your photos will not only remind you of your achievements, but that of your loved ones. Seeing Mom and Dad in their prime or grandma’s old family recipes can provide loads of gift ideas for holidays, anniversaries or upcoming birthdays. In this day and age, it’s easier than ever to create an online scrapbook. But first, you need to digitize!

Get Started Today!

There is really no downside to organizing your photo collection and, as you can see, many unexpected benefits. Don’t know where to start? We’d love to help. Contact Us for more information on preserving, saving, and digitizing your family history and read our blog on five ways to preserve your memories for Save Your Photos Month.

Already started down the path of photo preservation? What did you learn and what was your favorite part of the process?

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  1. Janet Barclay September 20, 2016

    I haven’t yet had the time or motivation to digitize my entire collection, but the photos I’ve scanned have mainly been for the purpose of sharing memories with friends and family members. It’s a great way to relive moments we spent together.

    • Diana Uricchio September 23, 2016

      That’s a start Janet! Continue to enjoy & share those photos!

      • Gracelynn May 23, 2017

        Please keep thiowrng these posts up they help tons.


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