5 Must Have Apps to Survive the Family Vacation

5 Must Have Apps to Survive the Family Vacation

It’s time for those summer vacations.  Whether your hitting the road or flying to an exotic destination planning, prepping and keeping your crew organized can be a bit of a chore.  Here are a few apps that can make your travels a little easier and hopefully allow you to enjoy your time away.

1.  Evernote – It’s the ultimate organizer for all your travel info.  This year’s summer trip to North Carolina got it’s own notebook that I shared with my husband.  Every email regarding tickets, car rental, etc was emailed to my evenote account and saved to the shared “NC 2014” notebook.  Possible restaurants, local parks, and friends’ recommendation were all easy to find right on my smartphone.


2.  Google Maps – I like to create a custom map (My Places) in Google Maps to save all the pertinent locations that we plan to visit on an upcoming trip.  Not only does it help to have directions and driving times when mapping out our day trips, but it saved us a few time when our rental car’s GPS decided to take us on a not so friendly detour.  (here’s a how to video)

3.  Packing Pro – a good packing list can help make sure every essential actually makes it into your luggage.  This great app simply takes our old paper lists into the digital age.


4.  Red Stamp – Keeping in touch with family and friends while on the road couldn’t be be easier with this app.  You can create and send personalized ecards and actually “snail mail” cards to those “not so techy” grandparents right from your phone.


5.  Games for the Kiddos:

Mad Libs app

Road trip Bingo

A Family Matters


So there you have it, a few tech tools to make your next family get-a-way a smooth ride.

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