5 Last Minute Digital Holiday Gift Ideas

5 Last Minute Digital Holiday Gift Ideas

Christmas is quickly approaching – and this means the window to purchase thoughtful gifts is dwindling fast. To help you finish your lists, OXO Digital Organizing put together this useful breakdown of the five best last minute digital holiday gift ideas that aren’t hard to find and don’t require shipping. It’s time to finish your Christmas shopping once and for all! Let’s get started:


Digital Holiday Gift Ideas 2016


1. Media Streaming Subscription Services

Media streaming services are instant, easily transferrable, and simple to give. From Spotify and Pandora subscriptions for your kids and grandkids, to Netflix or Hulu Plus for mom and dad, there’s an affordable media streaming subscription service for everyone.


2. Digital Gift Certificates & Vouchers

Are you shopping at your local grocery or box store this week? You can pick up App Store and Google Play gift cards for family and friends near the greeting card aisle or checkout counter. Xbox Live, Amazon, and Facebook also have digital gift options.


3. Online Storage & Backup Subscriptions

Interested in online storage and backup solutions a friend or family member in need? Purchase a useful online subscription for Dropbox, Forever, or CrashPlan and make your loved one’s entire year. If you’re unsure about which one to choose, navigate to each brand’s website to review specifications.


4. Electronic & Audio Books

Websites like Audible, Audiobooks.com, and Nook provide instant options for nearly any reader on the planet. Whether you want an audiobook or electronic copy for a tablet, you can purchase bestsellers and classics alike.


5. Photo & Organizing Apps

There are millions of apps available on iPhone and Android, so there’s no end to the possibilities. Bestselling, paid photo and organizing apps include PicLab HD, Camera+, Evernote Premium, and Awesome Note. To find the best one for your recipient, search their phone’s online app store.


With these digital gift ideas, you’ll make someone smile while spending little time browsing the store. Which one is your favorite?

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