5 Heartfelt Photo Gift Projects for Christmas 2016

5 Heartfelt Photo Gift Projects for Christmas 2016

It’s time to get those Christmas 2016 gift projects completed! These ideas hand-selected by our team at OXO Digital Organizing, and first debuted for our Christmas in July series this summer, will spark your imagination and get you inspired for the creation of unique, forever remembered gifts this year.



Here are our five ways to wow any of your family members:

1. Photo Recipe Book

Everyone’s mother or grandmother has their own tasty family recipes they have passed down from generation to generation. In our digital world, more of our family roots are being overlooked – children may not see the allure cooking with grandma until, unfortunately, it’s too late. This nifty project is perfect to stop time for a second and compile all of your family’s delicious recipes into one storage space, and better yet, personalize it!

On Create My Cookbook, you can create a customized a recipe book with a variety of templates to make sure your family photos, recipes, and stories make their way to mom’s kitchen – and generations of kitchens to come.


2. Montage Video

Montage videos appeal to the senses! If you or your loved one enjoy slideshows on the big screen, this gift idea is the right choice for you.

When preparing a montage video, you will need to organize photos you want to use – will you go with a theme, or travel through time? Choose your background music. You may need more than one song depending on the length of your video. Does the music mesh well? Does it have meaning? Give yourself an adequate amount of time to complete this project.


3. Photo Book

With sites like Shutterfly, you can personalize layouts or use pre-designed pages if you need help. You can even order the books in Spanish for your Abuela. Once you have customized your book, choose from different finishes (i.e., gloss, matte) or if you would prefer, leather or silk covers. Trusted, one-stop-shops like these are available for multiple photo-driven projects.


4. Photo Ornament

Have you had a family photo session recently? Refrain from sending an overused Christmas card – get creative and combine card and gift with a unique ceramic photo ornament from Architecture of a Mom.

This project requires a couple of supplies, such as a blank ceramic ornament – which can be found at any local craft store – along with printed photos with dry toner (not ink), and scissors for cutting the picture to the shape of the ornament. You’ll also need transfer media and a damp rag.


The ornament initially has a vintage look, but if you would like the colors to pop, just add some matte mod podge and voila! You have created a unique ornament for a loved one. This is a great idea for the whole family.

5. Metal Photo Keepsake

Does dad have a favorite “blast from the past” photo? Step up your game and get that famous picture digitally printed on metal! This is great for areas of the home that hold a lot of moisture like the kitchen or bathroom, or dad’s man cave.

Check out Adorama for different print ideas, large or small, and watch a picture come to life. Metal photo keepsakes show breathtaking detail in a new, unique modern style everyone will love. Also, you don’t have to feel limited to one photo; create a metal collage! Just allow ample amount of time for sites to get your precious gift together in time for the holidays.


We want you to be prepared for the season this year! No need to stress and splurge for last-minute gifts all at once. Use our blogs and ideas to create your own unique gifts. This year, you’ll truly embody the Christmas spirit by putting such thought into your loved one and their gift this year.


As promised, here’s our OXO Cheat Sheet to really help you get a jump start on Photo Book gifts. 

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