5 Easy Ways to Digitize Your Life After Divorce

5 Easy Ways to Digitize Your Life After Divorce

After a divorce, it’s not easy to reboot our lives while being present for our children and loved ones. We need the right tools in our toolbox to care for ourselves, get things done, and communicate with our ex as little as possible.

Simple, Stress Free Ways to Digitize After Divorce


Here at OXO Digital Organizing, we specialize in digitizing family photos, vital documents, and contact information for Central Florida women. With our expertise, and that of professional organizers everywhere, moms can focus on what matters most: their children, their future, and providing the best family outcomes.

In our first digitizing after divorce post of the series, we discussed the importance of taking care of the tedious task of scanning and organizing, so you can provide a safe zone and get your new way of life in order. Now, in our second post, we bring you 5 actionable apps, websites, and tools that can help you get started:

1. Evernote

Evernote is a digital notebook that holds notes and attachments, like flyers, schedules, and passwords, all in one convenient location. With Evernote’s shareable interface, you won’t have to hash out the past with your ex to exchange your kids’ information. A basic Evernote account is free, and allows you to keep tabs on the most important things to you. You can even share your notes with your parents, neighbors, teachers, or friends through their Evernote account or social media profile.


2. Dropbox

Dropbox is one of the most popular file saving and sharing services in the world, and will hold all your family documents, files, and photos. The basic service is free, but there are also affordable, paid options for any amount of data space you need. You can add the Dropbox app to your desktop or phone, to save and review files at any time.


3. Google Calendar

Join your friends and family on Google Calendar, and share important dates and appointments. That way, if your nanny or neighbor needs to help with soccer practice or a doctor visit, you can update addresses and times with just a couple of clicks.


4. Forever.com

Forever.com is one of the many photo saving and sharing systems that help you edit, organize, and show off your memories. Create and print beautiful photo books, and convert old school documents and certificates to digital formats. Best of all, you can create, name, and organize the account to showcase your child, not yourself, which is most important to you and your ex-spouse.



The Association of Personal Photo Organizers can help you find a professional organizer in your area to help you scan and digitize what matters most. No matter where you live, you can trust APPO members to help take stress off your plate. OXO Digital Organizing is one of thousands of APPO members across the country that specialize in helping you digitize during big life events like a divorce. From Florida to Washington and everywhere in between, an APPO professional can make it happen for you.


These tools will help ease your burden by making sense of piles of documents, photos, and lists of contacts. For more digitizing tips, no matter your experience, follow us on Facebook. For help organizing in Central Florida, visit http://www.oxo123.com.

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