5 Egg-citing Easter 2017 Photo Ideas for Preserving Family Memories

5 Egg-citing Easter 2017 Photo Ideas for Preserving Family Memories

Happy Easter, Central Florida!

Here are five amazing ways to take memorable family Easter photos this weekend:

1. Take Natural, Fun, Candid Photos

Capture the excitement of egg hunts and Easter basket reveals for your children and the rest of the family. Did your son trip over an egg? Did dad give the girls too much chocolate for their own good? Click! Candid photos allow you to memorialize special moments within the pictures and tell stories later.


2. Find Humor in Humanity

Does your family have an inside joke? A peculiar sense of humor? For some families, Easter is all about getting together and letting loose. Let it shine in your photos! Show the world how crazy or weird you are.


3. Search for Beauty in Easter Simplicity

Everyone is fighting for the perfect picture during Easter activities. Try using a dull, simple background to bring out the foreground (what you’re really taking the picture of) more visually. A lot of professional photographers use symmetry and asymmetry in their photographs. Play around with where the edges of the photo are around your subject and you’ll be sure to have plenty amazing pictures.


4. Snap the Little Things

Easter is a time for family – so pause from the cameras and spend time decorating eggs or hiding them. Then when your work is complete, snap everything, including the differences between each family member’s egg and the food you make. Capture the emotion. Capture the love.


5. Take the Best Baby Photos

Easter baby photos are a must. Explore baby photo ideas in the link above or on Pinterest to get a creative shot this year. Have a creative photographer in the family? Brainstorm portrait ideas and candid shots for the baby this weekend before they head over on Sunday. This is the perfect holiday for incorporating fancy dresses and suits, Easter bunny costumes, and taking photos of the baby enjoying plastic easter eggs. No matter what, these photos are sure to be cute.


Have Fun Making Easter 2017 Memories, Central Florida!

Wish you could find your precious family memories from Easter? Learn more about how to curate and preserve them at our April 27 Preserving Family Memories event with E-Z Photo Scan at the Maitland Public Library. For more information, visit the event website.

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