3 Ways to Organize Tech Gadgets During Holiday Break

3 Ways to Organize Tech Gadgets During Holiday Break

This holiday season, millions of Americans will receive a shiny new tech gadget. As soon as you and your kids tear open your iPhone 7s and VR headsets, you’ll also have a variety of new cords and devices on your hands – and the need to put them somewhere. Keep your house organized and your presents in view by taking a few steps to organize them over holiday break. All three of these OXO Digital Organizing solutions are simple, actionable, and take just a few minutes:

Holiday Tech Gadget Organization Solutions

1. Label Your Power Cords

How many power cords does your family have? Probably too many to count! While they’re pesky to manage, some people have fried a phone or tablet by connecting it to the wrong charger. Label your various power cords for safety and save time finding and identifying the right one. Simply label a piece of masking tape with a sharpie, and place around the cord. You can also use leftover computer print labels or mailing address labels to complete the job.


2. Keep Cords At Bay

Computer and television cords can cause trips and snags. What’s more, smartphone cords can easily get lost. You can use these strategies from Real Simple, like a trouser sock or cassette case, to keep your cords at bay.


3. Assign A Charging Station

There’s an even better way to keep headphones and smartphones where you want them. Assign an easy to access space in the house, like in the kitchen or den, that can be used as the official family charging station. Bustle has a simple guide that will teach you best practices. The article also contains a guide on highly rated charging docks that you can purchase with your gift cards from Christmas.

Organizing your family’s tech gadgets is as easy as 1-2-3! In fact, with just a few minutes of your holiday vacation time, you can make changes that will make identifying cords and finding devices easier all new year long. To learn more about organizing your tech, photos, and precious memories, visit our blog’s Organizing corner, or check out our Charging Stations board on Pinterest.

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