10 Must Have Photos that Celebrate Mom, Photography, and Life

10 Must Have Photos that Celebrate Mom, Photography, and Life

May is a month to celebrate Moms – and photos! It’s National Photo Month, after all, so here at OXO, we’re continuing to celebrate both – by showing you just how you can celebrate your Mom always – through the art of photography.

Mom’s photos show us who we are, where we’ve come from, and how to connect mom to both our story – and the story of generations before her. When mom takes photos, she is, in essence, taking them for future generations – not for herself! Take advantage of her lifetime of photos by celebrating these 10 must have photos of mom.

Here are 10 Photos You Must Have of Mom:

  1. Photos of Mom’s Childhood

Get to know your family history – and how mom fits into it – with photos from your mother’s childhood. Personally, I absolutely love viewing pictures of my mom and her three sisters on the couch in gorgeous 1960s-style dresses; their legs barely touching the end of the blue cushioned seats. Looking at pictures of mom with family members I never got to meet, like my great grandmother and great aunt, is particularly sweet, too. It tells me more about them, myself, and our overall history together.

Do you have an image of mom and her siblings as a child?

  1. Teen and/or Student Mom

Discovering who mom was before you came along can be particularly interesting. Photos of mom in high school, college, and during her teens and twenties often capture the traits that you’ve come to love about mom – perhaps it’s a photo of her traveling between semesters at college, curious and wide-eyed in a faraway place, or maybe it’s her high school senior photo, where she’s flashing that winning smile, like the ones still on the top shelf of my grandparents’ bookcase.

As a child, I always marveled at how young, pretty, and glamorous my mother and her sisters looked when they graduated high school. I spent hours of my life staring at my mom’s fashionable 80’s permanent and my aunt’s stringy spaghetti strap dress that she’d never wear today! These photos are easy to relate to, and it allows us to come to explore our mom’s life and personality in a way we never have before.

  1. Mom and Dad Dating

In the same vein as mom’s high school and college photos, it can be particularly interesting and enlightening to view mom and dad in their youth – when they were smitten and you were just a gleam in their eye.

I think of the photo of Buddy the Elf’s parents in the movie Elfa black and white photo of this fictional elf’s parents, crouched down together, his dad holding a guitar – hardly the image he received when he first met him later on in Manhattan!

  1. Her Wedding

A woman’s wedding is perhaps the most sought after, thought about, and treasured event in her life. Photos of mom at her wedding is the best opportunity to always be able to capture mom at her most beautiful and happy.

Gather photos of mom by herself in her dress, with her bridal party, with her mom and dad, and of course, dancing with the groom.

  1. Maternity

It’s so neat to be able to see ourselves when we were inside our mother’s tummies. These photos are important for your mother’s memories of such a special time, and are particularly impactful for you, too. Seeing how much your mom loved you, even in the womb, is eternally powerful.

woman baby pregnant

A loving, outdoor photo of mother and baby

  1. Mom and Baby

Motherhood – the most life-changing event any woman can experience! Make sure you load up on the mom and baby photos, both in the hospital when her babies were born, coming home from the hospital, and throughout infancy.

  1. Mom and Kids

Gather pictures of you and mom and your siblings throughout the years – and at all ages. You can watch yourself grow – and mom, too! These shots really capture the memories over the years, whether it’s a backyard party, family vacation to the Grand Canyon, or birthdays.

  1. Mom with Dad – and the Family

Especially as I’ve become older, it’s such a precious moment for me to look at old pictures of me and my sister and my parents at Christmas, with our dogs on Valentine’s Day, and all of the pictures we took at Easter and while we were on vacation.

Mom will really appreciate that you’ve put together these memories for her – and these memories that will live on forever for you and your kids, too.

  1. Candid Shots

Candid photos are those that are not posed, where family members may be talking to each other, in action – not necessarily smiling and looking at the camera.  These photos of mom are particularly interesting because they’re the most natural – and most telling images of them all. While we’re busy posing and smiling, we’re forgetting the best natural elements mom possesses – her signature look of surprise, the way her and her brother interacted in childhood, or living images of mom tickling her sons.

These images capture mom’s personality without forced emotion – making them invaluable to her collection.

  1. Multi-Generational Photos

Photos of all of the family members, including grandma, mom, and the kids, are the best way to cap off your collection. We took the family to Outer Banks, North Carolina for my grandparents’ 50th anniversary, and the photos of our entire family, including three generations sprawled out across the beach-side white balcony deck, are some of my favorite photos of all time. It really shows us how far we’ve come, how beautiful and precious our family is, and all that our grandparents have done for us.

Family Photo

Jessica’s Family Photo in Outer Banks, NC

Photos manifest feelings and emotions where words cannot. Take the time to gather your best pictures of mom for generations to come!

If you have any questions on how to organize mom’s photos, we’d be happy to help. Contact Us today – or message us on Facebook.

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